Property Management

Having worked with many Private & High Profile Clients, Owners, Banks and Trust Funds we are experienced in managing residential properties, whether Client or Tenant occupied.

The Estate Manager directs and oversees the effective smooth running and maintenance of the property, together with a Keyholder service, responding to out of hours emergency call-outs.

The level of management required is tailored to the Client’s specific needs and incorporates the overseeing of day to day maintenance issues, scheduling the servicing of mechanical and engineering equipment, through to the management of refurbishment work, from initial conception to completion.

A Finchlea Estates Director will personally undertake regular property inspections, to identify and correct early stage defects and maintenance issues, thus minimising potential damage and inconvenience to the occupants.

Furnishing and Interior Design service is also a core part of the Property Management Department, which may proceed a Finchlea acquisition or private investment.

Finchlea Estates also offer to oversee the payment of all running costs from utility bills to contractor’s invoices.

We understand the need for client confidentiality, discretion and professionalism at all times.

  • A tailored Estate Management role, acting on behalf of Private or Corporate landlords, adaptive to their varying needs.
  • Management of a singular or multiple portfolio properties.
  • Maintaining the upkeep and running of properties during extended vacant periods.
  • Overseeing refurbishment work from initial conception, through to completion, furnishing and interior design service, tailored towards intended use be it for rental or Client occupancy.
  • Complete Client discretion and confidentiality assured.